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SocialBuzz v1.4 – Ultimate Social Media Portal Script

Last Updated18/05/2016 - Version v1.4 Seller Rating

SocialBuzz is a social media script for socially viral content creator website. SocialBuzz script allows you to create social networking site based on viral content. Where users can create their custom profiles publish content. follow other users, send messeges, as its contents, leave reactions, comment or share. It has its never been easier to create websites publishing content as viral Diply, BuzzFeed, and Using sequences SocialBuzz commands can create images of messages, video, audio messages posts, polls messages, messages, participate Integrate Social Media Messages Insert, window frames, Maps Integrate and text messaging, it is compatible with almost all main social web, video and music sites. We can proudly say that is the best viral content publishing scripts available on the market.

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