Online lottery play and win lotto script

Online Lottery Play and Win Lotto Script Nulled

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Online lottery play and win script, Start your own website with online lotto script and attract thousands of visitors to your web site and advertisers. You choose the awards they are offering and earning ad revenue offered. Players should visit the websites of advertisers in order to win lottery tickets. More than 1 million people a month make searches lottery websites. No real money exchanged for lottery tickets.
Members verification system integrated email.
Email addresses are verified members to join them and the verified email address is changed.
The built-in filtering system duplicate accounts
Through the Administrative Section (mentioned later) you will be able to set the maximum number of accounts allowed per IP address, then the filtering system duplicate accounts uses this limit to block any new registrations of new accounts from the same direction IP.

Complete Section advertisers via the Internet
Advertisers will also benefit from an easy to use web-based Advertisers section, which will give them access to Live Tracking advertising orders currently open, read updates from advertisers to publish, place new advertising orders, update your profile advertiser’s account, and view activity log advertiser account.
Complete Section Members through Internet
Its members also have access to a section of members over the Internet that will benefit a lot. They will be able to read the member updates you post, play their daily ticket, update your profile user account, delete your membership account of your site, read about the member only offers you post, visit sites of advertisers to purchase Extra ticket (s), see your earnings information on their live statistics, and more.

Your advertisers will have multiple embedded options available advertising sales that will give a greater amount of advertising sales, which means more profit bottom line for you. Advertisers can purchase either: Banner advertising (clicks), space ad text (for term), ad space text (Click), and website visits guaranteed.

The administrative section based on the web comes with a built-in editor Web page from which you can edit each page generated by your website needs editing lottery; easily from within the section of web-based management without the need for costly HTML editing software.
Emails Built-In Preset Editor

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