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Crypty 2.0 – Encryption and Decryption Authentication Script

Last Updated10/03/2016 - Version v2.0 Seller Rating5

Crypt script is a encryption and decryption authentication mcrypt script. Crypty offers you a huge application spectrum, from offering an encryption service to private clients to hosting an enterprise solution for your company to encrypt sensitive company internal files. Custom works on Crypty (like Google AdSense integration) are possible as well.

Encrypt multiple files at once easily
Easy and Advanced Encryption mode
Analyse Encrypted files and display information like file hashes and file sizes
Secure technology with secure encryption ciphers to ensure maximum security
Opensource mcrypt encryption technology with all supported encryption modes
Responsive and unique design
Secure random string generator for secure keys
Free and fast first aid support for installation issues
Encryption with all available mcrypt ciphers and modes
Secure sha256 hash string included with all encrypted files
Multi language template system

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