Snapsecret snapchat clone app

SnapSecret v1.0 – Snapchat Clone App

Last Updated09/05/2015 - Version v1.0 Seller Rating2.6

Snapchat clone android app source code script. Welcomes to SnapSecret! It is an full application for Android, complete and meticulously hand ready for presentation of Google Play store with a simple skin re. You have heard about Snapchat? Well, SnapSecret is in line with the ability to send and receive photos and videos that self-destruct or not self-destruct with the choice to sender. The fountain was built using the powerful new Android Studio.

Full app source code. Push notifications for messages, online chat, friend requests, friend accept request with options to add more. Built using the latest technologies like the now default Android IDE Android Studio. Awesome docs to get you up and running in no time.

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