Complete App Based Cab Booking Business Solution

Complete App Based Cab Booking Business Solution v3.0

Last Updated17/08/2017 - Version 3.0 Seller Rating3.09
Cab / Taxi Booking is an Android mobile application comes with php admin that helps passengers book taxis, travel and pay anywhere at any time - Mobile application for drivers to accept travel requests, pick up, travel and receive payments - Management panel based on Web to manage taxi, excursions.

  • Single app for Driver and Passenger registration and log-in
  • No extra hardware, No extra equipment.
  • Cab reach time & status updates.
  • Auto dispatch of taxi request to nearest driver.
  • Automatic route calculation.
  • Automatic fare estimation based on fare rates.
  • In-app notifications to passengers and drivers.
  • 3 types of cabs category can be registered.
  • Admin Back-end Driver Management & Passenger Management
  • User friendly admin panels.
  • Track daily rides.
  • Share functionality – Share on G+
  • Coupon Codes for discounts
  • Paypal Integration for payments
  • Customizable – Full Source Code
  • Integrate additional payment gateway
  • Booking on future dates for rides

Note: Download Free Complete App Based Cab Booking Business Solution v3.0 Nulled from the listed download indicated by points. We share Free Apps Source, so that you can use it before buying any codes, premium themes, plugins, codecanyon apps from the author. All files available here for testing or development purposes are authorized under the GPL.

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