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Superfly v4.1.7 – Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

Last Updated01/12/2016 - Version v4.1.7 Seller Rating4.83

Superfly is a WordPress Menu Plugin that generates efficient vertical space push / slide / static navigation, icon bar or full screen menu at your choice. It can be used as standalone navigation or complement its main menu. Superfly makes navigation much easier and easier to use on desktops and mobiles. Slide concept in the vertical menu that was demonstrated on the mobiles now shines on the desks too! You can use as always the visible navigation as well.

Superfly WordPress Mega Menu

Various menu modes
Displaying control
Content areas
Trigger settings
Multiple menu sources
Rich elements
Styling menu
Menu sections
Multi-level menus support
Label fixed to content
Rich menu button settings
Enhanced mobile support
Beautiful animations

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