100 Points
Access Premium Download
Working Download
No Malware & Virus

230 Points
200 + 30 Points Extra
Access Premium Download
Working Download
No Malware & Virus

What is this Points System?

Points is a Premium system that allows you to download Premium files and see the VIP link or the hidden link system (no-dead-link), redeeming your point to see the premium download link. Points will be automatically charged to your account after the entire purchase.

How we estimate Points of an item?

We estimate points to the actual cost of the item’s by author. For example, if the actual cost of an item is $29 by author, then you should have to pay 29 points at scriptmask in order to view download link. Points will be estimated at the actual cost rather than the offer price.

What I get Benefits?

  • Saving Money
  • Anytime Access Premium Link
  • View VIP Hidden Links
  • Request Any Script &  re-upload

Why not refund payment?

  • We do not support refund as of our digital item & shared for development or testing purpose
  • You don’t want it after you have downloaded

Note: Please note all digital item listed here available under GNU General Public License. Purchasing points or membership is completely unrelated to sale of license without the consent of the author. If you need license and support then please consider to purchase from the author.